About us

Zeewolde Wind Park is an initiative of the Ontwikkelvereniging Zeewolde (Zeewolde Development Association), which consists of residents, agricultural entrepreneurs and owners of mills in the development area of Southern Flevoland. The existing 220 windmills in the area will be replaced by 91 bigger, more modern windmills, which will provide green power for approximately 280,000 households as from 2020. Zeewolde Wind Park will thus contribute significantly to achieving the provincial and national energy goals.

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Our vision

Existing mills

220 items

New mills

91 items

Expected start of construction


Height per mill

90 to 150 meters (axle height), tip height max. 220 meters.

Capacity per mill

3,5 MW

Total capacity

320 MW

Power output

approximately 850,000 MWh per year

Enough energy for

approximately 280,000 households

Avoiding CO2 emissions

Approximately 500,000 tonnes of CO2 per year

The area