The New Millers

Zeewolde Wind Park is a wind park developed for, but especially by, the region. All residents, agricultural entrepreneurs and property owners in the development area can participate in and invest in the park through the Development Association. For residents of Zeewolde and Almere there are the New Millers (De Nieuwe Molenaars). Through this cooperative, anyone who wants to can participate and invest in the project! See  for more information or join right away.

Who are The New Millers?

The New Millers (Nieuwe Molenaars), the Zeewolde Wind Park civil society cooperative, is a group of involved citizens of Zeewolde and Almere, who reside just outside the development area of Zeewolde Wind Park, but want to work with green energy in their area and want to invest in wind energy. By purchasing an existing wind turbine in the area, they become members of Windpark Zeewolde BV and get a share in the wind park. In this way, they can invest in Zeewolde Wind Park, which is expected to come into operation in 2020.

The Nieuwe Molenaars (New Millers) was officially founded in Zeewolde on February 21, 2017. That evening already, 50 enthusiasts joined the organization. The board consists of Henri van Erve, Marinus van Es, Niek Bink, Siward Summer and Felix Olthuis. The first AGM has already been held. You will find all the photos and latest updates on the Facebook page.

Why should one become a member?

Each member has his own reasons for joining. The most important are these:

A cleaner future
Windmills do not pollute. They reduce CO2 and deliver clean energy. This means that we are not dependent on oil or gas from countries such as Russia. We do it ourselves and we do it clean!

Undertake together and share in the profits
By undertaking the wind energy project together with residents, we all share in the profits. Most cooperatives pay out about 5% of their profits to their members.

Control over your environment
We all live in Zeewolde, Almere or in the vicinity. In the Flevopolder, where there are many windmills. Sometimes almost in our backyards. It is just logical that we want a say in the matter.

How do I join?

See for more information, and join directly via this link!

Origin of the New Millers

The new Millers was commissioned by Zeewolde Wind Park and was set up by REScoop: they work closely with the local energy cooperatives Groene Reus en Zeenergie.  Read the concept plan of approach here.