Historical perspective

Scaling up and cleaning up

Many, mostly agricultural entrepreneurs saw the possibility of building a windmill in Flevoland since the 1990s. Since that time hundreds of windmills can be found throughout the province, often placed singly without being part of a line arrangement. In order to improve the quality of the landscape, the province chose a policy of ‘scaling-up and cleaning up’. Smaller windmills in the area were replaced by larger, modern turbines that provide more energy. Two old ones make way for one new windmill, which generates more energy than the two replaced windmills together. The result is: less windmills, more power generation, and a calmer image in the landscape.

Regional plan for wind power

In order to carry out scaling-up and cleaning-up, the province drew up the conceptĀ Regional plan for wind power in Southern and Eastern Flevoland. The draft Regional Plan describes the conditions that ‘scaling up and cleaning up’ plans need to adhere to. In order to facilitate its organization, Flevoland was divided into four areas; one initiator per area can develop a new wind park. Zeewolde Wind Park falls in the development area of Southern Flevoland and is being developed by the Zeewolde Development Association. The association is responsible for the cleaning up of the existing 220 windmills in the development area. In the Regional Plan, the development areas were determined within which the windmill lines must be located.