What is Zeewolde Wind Park?

Zeewolde Wind Park probably is one of the Netherlands’ largest onshore wind farms. The wind park is due to arise in the outskirts of the municipality of Zeewolde, east of Almere. The aim is to replace the current 220 solitary wind turbines with 91 modern, larger turbines.  As from 2021, Zeewolde Wind Park will generate clean energy for about 280,000 households, 2.5 times more energy than the 220 current turbines combined. Windpark Zeewolde B.V, the initiator of the park, is responsible for the installation of the new turbines, as well as the removal of the existing ones. That is a requirement of the municipality of Zeewolde and the province of Flevoland. The current turbines are expected to be removed within five years after the construction of the new wind park.

For and by the region

Windpark Zeewolde is initiated (financially and organizationally) by residents and entrepreneurs in the project area. That is unique for a park this size, with a strong impetus on the regional economy. All residents, agricultural entrepreneurs and property owners from the project area could join the Wind and Development Association until November 2016. On November 18th, this body was transformed into Windpark Zeewolde B.V, which currently has over 250 shareholders. Read more here. The members of Windpark Zeewolde B.V. finance the development of Zeewolde Wind Park together. The Zeewolde Wind Park is thus literally developed by the area. Citizens in the immediate vicinity of the park are also given the opportunity to participate through De Nieuwe Molenaars (the New Millers), which was established in February 2017.

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The wind park in 5 minutes

During the Open Wind Day in June 2016, Zeewolde’s local radio/television station interviewed Chairman Wim Veldboom and Alderman Gerben Dijksterhuis about the wind park and wind power in the municipality. This provided a good summary of the plans and objectives of the municipality within a few minutes. See the video below (in Dutch).

Facts and figures about Zeewolde Wind Park

Number of existing mills 220
Intended number of new mills 91
Expected start of construction 2020
Height per mill 90 to 150 meters (axle height), 100 to 140 meters (rotor diameter) and a tip height of up to 220 meters.
Capacity per mill approximately 3.5 MW
Total capacity approximately 320 MW
Power output approximately 850,000 MWh per year
Enough energy for approximately 280,000 households per year
Avoided CO2 emissions approximately 500,000 tonnes of CO2 per year